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Frank April Joins NOW!
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Frank April Joins NOW!


– Frank April’s urban style is a perfect match for the innovative design of NOW Bindings –

WHISTLER, BC – December 6, 2012 – Canada’s “la belle province” of Quebec has been at the forefront of the snowboard scene for the better part of three decades turning out a consistent flow of amazing riders and some of the most entertaining urban snowboarding ever seen. The current crew of riders everyone is watching are the French-Canadian urban riders behind the Déjà Vu Movie project, a snowboard movie featuring eight of the most progressive street riders in the industry today; among them, 25 year-old Frank April.

An urban rider constantly pushing the limits of what can be done in the streets, Frank April is among the elite of snowboarding’s who’s who of urban snowboarding. With his recent selection to this year’s X-Games Real Snow video contest and winner of “Jib part of the year” at this year’s Reels Festival in Annecy France, Frank has the reputation for creative and unprecedented urban skills on some of the most unusual features. NOW Bindings is very excited to welcome Frank to it’s growing team of the most innovative riders in the sport today.

“I am very stoked to have Frank join the team and push the street scene with our NOW bindings. He is an amazing snowboarder and an awesome person.  Frank adds creativity and uniqueness to our pro team and we are very excited to have him rock our bindings.  Welcome Frank and have an amazing winter. “ Says JF Pelchat,founder of NOW.

The world’s first skate-influenced binding, NOW bindings are built for the street with the Skate-tech technology, NOW provides unmatched performance, comfort and response. It is no wonder that NOW is finding it’s way on the urban scene from coast-to-coast. With the no-back built into NOW’s revolutionary binding design, street riders can now get the skate feel and mobility of no-backs without loosing binding functionality.

“Hands down the best binding I have ever ridden, so comfortable and precise”  Frank April

With the NOW IPO in stores, on the mountain, and in the street across Canada and the US, the revolution being forged by NOW Bindings has just begun. The future of street riding is NOW.

Make sure to check out Frank April and friends in the Déjà Vu teasers and vote for Frank in ESPN’s Real Snow video contest beginning January 6, 2013.

Welcome to the team, Frank!

-JF Pelchat
Inventor/Founder of NOW Bindings

NOW bindings heal Whistler Man’s Ankle!

Howdy everyone! We hope your early season is shaping up to be as deep as ours, with Whistler being blasted with storm after storm we’ve been spending a lot of time lapping pow turns and high-fiving the return of winter. A bunch of the NOW team have been lurking around Whistler and Blackcomb and if, you were looking, you’d probably have seen Devun Walsh charging through Crystal Tree’s.

Anyhow, keep watching our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for Wildcat Wednesday and to win swag in our Future Friday’s contest. In the mean time, check out this NOW binding review from a Whistler shred, Jeremy Postal. He’s on the mountain everyday and is stoked on what NOW has done for him.

I first started hearing rumors about NOW Bindings sometime near the beginning of the 2011/12 season and eventually found out that a few friends were riding prototypes. These are dudes I trust and who have been in the snowboard game for a long time so I definitely took notice on how amped they were about the bindings. They kept using words and phrases like “game changer” “super responsive” and “JF is a wizard” which, to be honest, sounded a little overkill.

But here’s the straight goods on NOW bindings: they’re everything promised. I was actually surprised at just how responsive the bindings are, I love how I can feel the flex of my board through my boot, and I think I’m going to like playing with the customizable options of the binding, especially rocking the no-back’s.

The real story for me with these bindings, however, is this: my first day riding NOW bindings was the first day in years I haven’t had soreness and swelling in my ankle after a day of riding. Ever since a nasty rock climbing accident tore up my ankle, my ankle has never fully recovered and I feel it every time I strap into my board.

Amazingly, when I’m strapped into my NOW bindings I can ride all-day and my ankle still feels strong. My guess is that it has something to do with how the NOW bindings transfer the rider’s energy from edge-to-edge instead of how traditional bindings transfer the energy through the foot. Whatever it is, I’m pretty stoked about what this means for my riding (and for my ankle) and I’m super thankful for NOW’s advancement in binding technology.

If you don’t believe me, go and demo them in Whistler at Underground Tuning in Summit Lodge, Yohan will hook you up. Trust me, they’re good.